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"Priority Service, Prosperity with Our People”

Our Company aims to provide high-quality and pleasant property agency services to the general public. We offer our clients a wide range of first-hand and second-hand properties in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories, and specializes ourselves in Kowloon Tong, Kowloon City, Prince Edward Road West, To Kwa Wan, San Po Kong and nearby areas. We are eager to provide high-quality agency services to the general public to help solve the housing problem.

Prosperity with Our People---We are a conscientious enterprise aiming to provide you with high-quality and pleasant agency services. Some people may have unhappy experiences of paying full commission to those dissatisfactory services provided by some agency companies. It makes no sense! Should a client find our agents unsatisfactory, we are willing to deduct certain amount from his/her 1% commission and donate it to a charity assigned by him/her. Let’s say, a client, who should pay us $50,000 commission after buying a property through us, is unsatisfied with our agent, we will donate part of the commission that we received from him/her (such as $25,000) to a charity according to his/her request. In this case, we will only collect the remaining amount ($25,000) as our commission.

We hope to ensure our agents are providing the highest quality services to our clients. If it happens, we will take the opportunity to make contribution to the society through making money and implement our concept of “Prosperity with Our People”.

So if it happens a client is dissatisfied with us, can he/she keep part of the commission, not to make a donation?

Sorry, the answer is No, since this act will create vicious competition and cause the industry to collapse. When a person buys a property, Company A states that it only charges 0.5% commission while Company B only charges 0.3% commission. Under such vicious competition, some companies may be willing to provide services without charging in the end. In consequence, only the large-scale property agencies are allowed to survive, while those small property agencies will gradually close down, which leads to monopolization in the market. When there are no other options available, the large companies can increase their service charge freely that makes the general public who need agency service have no choice but to accept it. The breakdown of the agency industry will result in “lose-lose” situation for the small companies and the general public.